18 Gauge Needles for PDO thread Lifting

18 gauge needles for thread lift

If you are a practitioner or a physician looking for suitable cannulas for PDO or mesotherapy, then you would be thinking about the cannula gauge size for a perfect and painless treatment for your patients.

In today’s article we are going to discuss about the 18 gauge needles since they are very useful for seamless treatments.

Today we have Terumo 18 gauge needle with 1.5 inch length and 40mm size as topic that how useful they are for providing risk free treatment to the patient.

Such threads are used for injecting fillers like Juvederm that you can buy from here.

If you don’t know what Terumo needles are then let me tell you that they are special kind of needles that are designed to draw fluid out from bottles or ampoules.

Once the liquid has been drained into the syringe, then the drawing-up needles should be taken off and must be replaced with hypodermic needle.

You can also get a point on your drawing-up needle through a rubber seal at the top of its multi-dose vial…. Read more here.

There also numerous kind of needles available for providing a seamless treatment experience to the patients without any sort of difficult.

Needles are very useful since they can go to the deepest areas of the skin.

The most inner part of the skin layers can be easily reached by 18 gauge needles since it has a long depth.

At the same time it also ensures that you patients do not get any discomfort during the treatment by extra entrance of the needle since it has a 40mm size restriction.

Therefore it can be rated as a compact needles best for doing all sorts of procedures.

However, the basic use of 18 gauge needle is to reach remote areas of the skin which cannot be reached by other similar tools…

The areas where 18 gauge needles can be used are thighs, face, abdomen and buttocks.

After the treatment your patient may have some normal bruising however it can easily be controlled by usage of some medicines such as Amalix to prevent extension of bruising.

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