Best Android Apps For Dermatologists

The mobile app marketing is becoming more and more competitive than ever before – smart phone users have tons of apps for a single purpose therefore the standard level and highly increased for publishers.

With so many apps publishing in such a short time, app developers now know that they always need to be spot-on and must build a perfect app that stands out and gives a ton of features – companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook are not even safe from this wave of competition.

It doesn’t matter how much big publisher you are or how many users you had previously, you need to make a perfect app that fulfills users’ demands or any other app with better features will replace you.

As dermatologists we need to make the most use of technology to stay in touch with our customers and business related people.

So here are some of the most promising apps that we have collected for our users today, have a look.

Telegram Messenger

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging app that can be considered as a new WhatsApp. Recently, they announced that it has gone over a hundred million monthly active users worldwide and 350,000 new users a day which is indeed a big achievement for them.

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