Some Basic things that you need to know about Cryolipolysis

Some Basic things that you need to know about Cryolipolysis

Cryolipolysis is a new technology of the new age which is a non-invasive procedure that uses cold temperatures to reduce fats of the patient by freezing tissues/cells on areas of your waist, back, and thighs. Many dermatologists consider it a non-surgical alternative of liposuction with very minimal side effects. It is very famous in Europe that’s why you can see many clinics in europe that offer Cool Sculpting services like Joveoderm clinic who provide their services in Munich.

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This procedure was founded by Harvard University science professors. What makes this procedure so unique is that it’s the complete opposite of Liposuction. To have Cool Sculpting treatment you don’t need any surgery or any other sort of surgical treatment therefore no post surgery “down time” meaning the healing process after surgery by staying on the bed and not accomplishing normal daily activities. Cryolipolysis uses a device called ZELTIQ that is FDA approved and pain free. ZELTIQ is a vacuum like machine with two cooling panels that target specific desired areas to kill fat cells. Unlike Liposuction, Cool Sculpting works with the Cryolipolysis technology and works with the idea of freezing the fat cells(adipocytes) instead of melting them. Adipocytes reacts to cold or heat at several temperature levels. The idea is to freeze fats instead of melting them to lower the pain.

Is the Cryolipolysis procedure right for me?

Getting this procedure done all depends on your body type, and what looks you’re desiring. Ideal candidates for Cool Sculpting are relatively fit and only want to treat stubborn modest sized fat bulges that appear on some specific areas of the body. It is not intended for extreme weight loss or obesity. Cryolipolysis is commonly used to treat “muffin tops”, back fat, and “love handles”. The fat cells are now frozen , but don’t immediate results. The earliest results will show within 6 weeks after the procedure and will follow out for several months until full corollary is shown.

What results can I expect from the Cryolipolysis procedure?

Results from the procedure will not be immediate and can take 6 weeks to several months for weight and body fat loss to show. Unlike Liposuction and Lipolite, you will have absolutely no scars, burns, bruising, or any side effects (commonly for Lipo is vomiting). There is zero down time after the procedure is done and you can resume your normal daily activities immediately. All Zeltiq patients have come out of the procedure with a 100% satisfaction. No negative comments have been made yet.

What is the average cost of Cryolipolysis?

Well, you sould never rely on information available on internet about price ranging. Everyone is different. Your costs can be much lower based on where you want treatment and what different specialists recommend. It can range anywhere from 500$ to 4,5, or even six thousand. It all depends on the type of treatment you need on your body. The amount all depends on what you desire, and what you specialists opinions are. The subtotal will be based on your specialist.

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